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North Country Freedom Homes


25 Dies Street
Canton, NY 13617


North Country Freedom Homes, Inc. is a not for profit corporation that provides Community Residential Services to male individuals seeking sustained recovery. The individuals living in the program attend individual and group therapy with in the program. Individuals also have an opportunity to participate with many local service providers to enhance their living skills. We are dedicated to helping you live a self-directed and fulfilled life. Our program is a cooperative effort between St. Joseph’s Recovery Centers, the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports, and the Canton Community. Our program is founded on the belief that adults with substance use disorders can live healthy, whole, and satisfied lives and find meaningful connection with their family and in their community.

We provide a Sanctuary environment for your growth and change. This commitment-formed environment, partnered with your vulnerability, allows your own life story to guide you towards creating healthier beliefs and thoughts about yourself and those around you. To practice such vulnerability, we recognize that you will need to feel safe (mentally, physically, spirituality and emotionally). At St. Joseph’s, the way we create a safe environment is to embrace a trauma-informed community of care model (called the Sanctuary Model). You will learn more about the model and its benefits to you as you engage in your treatment.